The real question has always been, “Where do I start?”. Referring of course to being asked to provide a short introduction to “”.

I started my career working for General Motors. After 31 years and many moves I opted for early retirement. Being 53 and still full of ambition, I started my 1st company called AZ. Unlimited Car and Truck Accessories. The business grew nicely thanks to all the connections and networking I had developed working for the General.

We, my son Matt and I, have been working together since 2004. It all began with an emotional phone call from Matt, advising me that he had given notice to his Body Shop owner, that he was done painting his cars. It was then and there that it was time to put my money where my mouth was.

We teamed up to form AZ.Unlimited, LLC and began development of, our company’s web site.

In our hay day we sold lots of Car and Truck accessories. Then the down turn of the economy hit and our Accessory sales slowed to a snail’s pace. However, we did have one ace in the hole. I managed to become a distributor of Royal Purple High Performance Synthetic Oil in early 2002. Royal Purple has been our “bread and butter” ever since.

My son and I, combined, have over 60 years’ experience in the automotive industry. We have always worked with cars and trucks. From Matt’s 1981 Silverado Pick Up to our Royal Purple themed custom Sand Car (on the home page of our web site). We have spent countless hours working together building these vehicles, and loving every minute of it. Our Sand car was written up in 2 different magazines, what a thrill that was. Our Sand Car was also featured in the Royal Purple Booth, at the 2008 SEMA convention.

Matt has since expanded his skill set to become a very good machinist, as well as an instructor, at Mesa Community College, where he received his degree.

We are considered by many, to be the largest independent stocking distributor of Royal Purple Products. We stock all of their products except for a few Nitro products. We also stock every Ultra Performance Oil Filter that they offer.

We focus on having the right product, at the right price, at the right time. We are very service oriented and strive to take care of our many Royal Purple customers. We publish a monthly newsletter that goes out to over 1,500 customers. We include various Royal Purple articles regarding current and new products. We even include tips or special information from the Royal Purple lubrication specialists.

We are, as far as we can determine, the only lubrication supplier that uses Royal Purple Products exclusively!! When you take a tour of, you will soon realize that we are real serious about Royal Purple.

This short introduction is to be included with a roll out promotional program by Royal Purple. We have been selected by Royal Purple to provide retail support for their marketing efforts. We cannot be any prouder to even be considered for this great honor. We are looking forward working with our great vendor partners, Royal Purple.