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If you are riding in your car regularly, you should know the curves, edges and everything about it like the back of your hand. And it extends more than just knowing the gears but about the oil it needs for top engine performance and for complete protection from the untimely wear and tear.

Car owners should understand that motor problems could come from using low quality gear oil. There's a reason why Royal Purple Synthetic Motor Oil & Lubricants has been the top choice for savvy consumers for years. Considered as the best synthetic motor oil by most automotive, marine, industrial, motorcycle and racing applications, Royal Purple synthetic oil and synthetic lubricants are formulated to accentuate the performance of the vehicles.

Why Royal purple synthetic oil is one of the most trusted items for commercial users?

Stamped with the current API and ILSAC engine oil licenses, Royal Purple® API-licensed engine oils offer:

1. Better wear protection
2. Increased fuel efficiency
3. Better protection for vehicle exhausts emissions equipment
4. Improved compatibility with fuels containing ethanol
5. Superior corrosion protection


1. Low overall viscosity resulting in reduced friction
2. High viscosity index makes it less affected by temperature
3. Shear resistance is better retained in high temperatures
4. High oxidation resistance
5. Low volatility means less evaporation or burn-off

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Why Should You choose the Royal Purple Lubricants?

Designed to maximize the life and performance of all power steering units, Royal Purple® Max EZ® is a popular choice amongst all vehicle owners. With the mix of select synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, Royal purple lubricants can make the equipment run cooler, longer, quieter and more efficiently. Additionally, it is compatible with any OEM or stock replacement power steering fluid, that adds to its positive performance such as:

The Ultra-Performance Grease is recommended for bearings and general purpose use which comes with outstanding EP capabilities as well as excellent water resistance to both washout and emulsion. High temperature stability and easy pumping out options at low temperatures along with outstanding oxidation resistance adds to the service life of the equipment.

Royal Purple Oils And Oil Filters

Clean motor oil is necessary to avoid the accumulation of contaminants from your car engine’s oil. With Royal Purple Oil Filters, you get high flow design aided with 100% synthetic micro-glass filtration which can trap 99% of the particles that are larger than 25 microns and 80% of the those contaminants that are bigger than 10 microns. They are designed with high-performance silicone anti-drain-back valve.

Choose Royal Purple Oil Filters when selecting your next oil filter.

One of the most popular products from Royal Purple is its gear oil. Royal Purple’s Max Gear Oil is well-accepted amongst those who understand quality! Royal Purple Gear Oil is a high performance automotive gear oil that is able to increase the lubricity and fluidity. Moreover, it is noncorrosive to both ferrous and nonferrous metals. The other properties such as reduction in operating temperature, extending gear and bearing life, lowering coefficient of friction, easily separable from water are the properties that make it a top choice for users.

Sanctioned by the EPA, NSF, being environmentally safe and with minimal disposal problems, Synchromax is recommended for manual transmissions which is ideal for 2-cycle motorcycle gear boxes. The proprietary Synerlec additive technology of Royal Purple’s synthetic transmission fluid offers the following advantages: