F-103 N Fumoto Valve

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F103N: Nipple Type Oil Drain Valve 12mm-1.25

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Unlike the standard Engine Oil Drain Valve which was designed for automobile and truck applications, the N-SERIES valve is equipped with a Nipple to enable the operator to attach a hose and drain the engine oil out of tight spots and away where access to the plug itself and resulting mess are often problems. Like the standard Engine Oil Drain Valve, this spring assisted ball valve replace standard oil drain plug making oil changes easier and saving valuable time. Also ideal for oil sampling analysis as a small amount of oil can be drawn without shutting off the engine. The N-SERIES Engine Oil Drain Valve takes the mess out of routine maintenance on industrial engines.

  • One Touch Operation

  • No Messy Hands or Cloths

  • No More Contact with Hot Oil

  • Eliminates Stripped Threads or Frozen Plugs Easy Installation

  • Reduces Oil Changing Time and Expense


  1. Remove original drain plug and drain oil into acceptable receptacle.

  2. Insert Engine Oil Drain Valve with gasket and tighten. Do not over tighten. (Some oil pans are designed with recessed drain hole which may prevent the valve from being installed properly. If the valve can not be tightened all the way without hitting the oil pan wall, do not install the Drain Valve to your vehicle. Adapters are available for some models.)

  3. Make sure valve is closed and refill crankcase.


  1. To open lift control lever and turn counter-clockwise 90 degrees.

  2. To close simply turn the lever clockwise 90 degrees until locked in original position.