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Soot, carbon, and sulfuric and nitric acid are common contaminants generated by all engines of the vehicles. They are the inevitable by-products of the combustion process and no matter how often your clean thee debris, they will end up depositing in your motor oil in vivid degrees. So, how can you get oil that cleans; instead, think how well your motor oil clears the dirt that gets collected?

  A cleaner engine is better protected and provides higher performance

The Royal Purple® Motor Oil provides enhanced performance to gasoline and diesel engines because of the following points

  • Better wear protection
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Improved compatibility with fuels containing ethanol
  • Better protection for vehicle exhaust emissions equipment
  • Superior corrosion protection

You need to understand about the engine oil if you own any vehicle for better maintenance. Royal purple synthetic oil is designed with advanced chemical combinations and a lot of refining.

Many of the savvy drivers and car owners have asked us why is it that synthetic oil for vehicles are taking a popular course? If you have been thinking about the same, here are the points to make you understand about the benefits of synthetic oil: 

  • Superior lubrication - While conventional oil molecules have differently shaped molecular structures, synthetic oils are better in flowing because it has perfectly round molecules. This makes the entire process more efficient in lubricating the components of the engine. 
  • Can resist more heat - synthetic oil has better capacity to withstand the higher temperature. This means, there is lesser thermal breakdown when exposed to more heat without breaking into debris. 
  • Keeps the engine tidy - Being advancedly designed the Royal purple synthetic oil burns cleaner than the conventional oil. This, in the long run, keep the piston cleaner compared to standard conventional oil. 
  • Improved durability - Simply stating, the oil can cycle through your engine for more times than any other type. Even when the synthetic oil is subjected to strenuous engine conditions, it is engineered to withstand the beating more than any other sorts. 
  • Saves your bucks - As the viscosity of these advanced oils are better, they offer better performance and makes the car last longer. As the oils offer better protection to the various parts of the engine, it makes it one of the preferred choice for the regular drivers. 

Why do you need additives?

Made of either organic or inorganic compounds, the additives enhance the existing base oil properties with corrosion inhibitors, antioxidants, demulsifying agents and anti-foam agents. It helps in suppressing the undesirable base oil properties. With the viscosity index (VI) improvers, these additives impart new properties to base oils under extreme pressure (EP) additives. 

Royal Purples Max-Cycle

If you are looking for a promising Royal purple synthetic oil for your motorcycle, Royal Purples Max-Cycle is your best bet. The product is so engineered that it works well for both air-cooled and liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines.

The high film strength of Max-Cycle helps reducing the wear significantly.

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